• Censorship in Venezuela

    Venezuela is having both pro-government and anti-government demonstrations, and so far, two people have died.

    To make it worse, Venezuelan government censored the only news outlet broadcasting the opposition’s demonstration:

    According to the channel’s complaint, its signal stopped broadcasting through various TV operators running on Venezuela.

    After what happened, the Director General of NTN24 Claudia Gurisatti said the fact becomes “openly in a free press censorship, a violation of the right of citizens to be informed and an attack on freedom of expression”. She added that “it is very suspicious that just when the opposition’s side of the story about the violence that occurred in Caracas on Wednesday were being broadcasted the signal of NTN24 in Venezuela was turned off“.

    They’re joining the Latin American trend.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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