• Uganda president signs homophobic law

    Last year, Ugandan MPs passed homophobic laws.

    Well, those laws were just signed by president Yoweri Museveni:

    Uganda’s president hassigned a controversial law allowing those convicted of homosexuality to be imprisoned for life, defying international disapproval from western donor nations.

    At a public ceremony in a packed room at the State House in Entebbe, Yoweri Museveni formally initialled the anti-homosexuality act, which also outlaws the promotion of homosexuality and requires citizens to denounce to the police anyone suspected of being gay. “No study has shown you can be homosexual by nature. That’s why I have agreed to sign the bill,” Museveni said in a speech at the presidential palace near the capital, Kampala.

    Who cares what the studies say (which, by the way, point towards homosexuality being natural)? I guess they’re banning listening to music, reading and wearing ties now in Uganda, since those things ain’t ‘natural’ (whatever that means).

    Later on, Museveni appeared on CNN saying “gay people are disgusting“. Ohh, great, they’re also making their taste into the law.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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