• Animal advocates’ cruelty


    Animal advocates’ love for life is like Christian love, and Caterina Simonsen had to learn this the hard way:

    An Italian woman who declared in an internet posting that she owed her life to medicines developed from testing on laboratory mice has gone on national television to answer abuse from animal rights militants.

    Caterina Simonsen, 25, received insults and abuse after posting a defence of animal testing on Facebook. ”Without it, I would have died when I was nine,” wrote Ms Simonsen, whose story has dominated Italian newspapers and television reports.

    For people who claim to love “animal life”, when it comes to their hypocrisy regarding human life they sure look like Skepchicks on steroids:

    One anti-vivisection activist responded on Facebook: ‘‘You could die tomorrow. I wouldn’t sacrifice my goldfish for you.” Another said: ”If you had died as a child, no one would have given a damn.”

    ”I have received messages saying that the lives of 10 rats are more important than mine. I don’t know what planet these people live on and who raised them,” she said, breaking into tears. ”I am alive thanks to doctors, to medicines and to animals who had to be sacrificed.”

    Caterina had to close her Facebook profile thanks to human-haters. Nevertheless, there’s a Facebook page to show her support.

    Say whatever you want, but a large portion of the animals’ rights movement and their likes boils down to misanthropy. When you choose anthropocentrism as a source of ethics, you needn’t worry about such double standards – you always care about people.

    Non mollare siamo con te, Caterina!

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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