• Uruguayan un-legalization

    Everyone is keeping an eye on Uruguay with the so called ‘legalization’ of marijuana. Me? I’m terrified that almost no one paid attention to the process.

    For starters, and most importantly: why only marijuana? Whatever the possible operating principle there is underlying the ‘legalization’, it surely can be extended to all other drugs. Whether, finally, a government has understood that each person owns his body (which is not the case), or that drug mafias exist and operate due to the ban, this is a deduction that can be applied to any other agents that alters the state of consciousness.

    Then comes the United Nations saying that legalizing marijuana would violate international law:

    INCB chief Raymond Yans said he was “surprised” that the government in Montevideo had “knowingly decided to break the universally agreed and internationally endorsed treaty“.

    It is about time Uruguay and all the other countries withdraw these treaties. An international treaty that dictates what people can and cannot do with our bodies, is certainly an attack on our freedoms.

    As if this were not a big obstacle itself, Uruguayan President José Mujica already set a nasty moralizing environment for this issue when he said that “Uruguay won’t be a pot haven” as if it was up to him to decide which preferences and lifestyles are acceptable to his citizens and which are condemnable.

    And if you think a collectivist nanny state is taking shape, it is because you are paying attention, since everything seems to point to that. The ‘legalization’ project includes a database of registered users; and while this is happening with marijuana, the Uruguayan government now seeks to end pubs’ happy hours, because, well, you know, Daddy Mujica is the right person to tell other people how much liquor they’re allowed to drink.

    As far as I’m concerned, this is no legalization whatsoever. A guy like Mujica, who seeks to control what their citizens do, is not far from Bush. Drugs -all of them- should be legalized and that means no drug users databases neither consumption tracking. That’s what legalize means! Everything else is pantomime.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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