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    After delivering a heroic speech and being supported by the CFI Board of Directors, Ron Lindsay has now issued an apology:

    I am sorry that I caused offense with my talk.  I am also sorry I made some people feel unwelcome as a result of my talk.  From the letters sent to me and the board, I have a better understanding of the objections to the talk.

    I am also sorry that my talk and my actions subjected my colleagues and the organization to which I am devoted to criticism.

    Please accept my apologies.

    Say what, again.

    This is worrisome: is Ron Lindsay going to apologise to all the Christians who have taken offense over his words? And homeopaths? Last I checked, I am responsible for my feelings and no one else is to be hold accountable for them. I have the right to feel offended and I have the right to say something someone else might find offensive. No one has the right to not-be-offended! Why is Lindsay being accountable for what some drama-queens and bullies feel?

    Does this mean I will get my apology as well? Because Ron, let me tell you – I am offended! (That should do it, right? Equality and stuff.)

    Are we playing now to not-offend anyone? Curious – I’d love to see how Lindsay  is going to run the CFI with this new approach. Hey, I know what you should do next – why don’t you ask Salman Rushdie to apologise for all the Muslims’ hurt feelings over The Satanic Verses?

    By the way, I don’t recall the Center for Inquiry being founded to not-be subjected to criticism. What did you expect – kudos from everyone? *sigh* And you were doing so fine – not giving into FreeThought Bullies‘ blackmail! Why Ron, why did you do this?

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