• Anthropocentrism as a Source of Ethics

    Mauricio-José Schwarz, a Mexican-Spanish freethinker, on anthropocentrism:

    Anthropocentrism is the human vision of reality which allows you, if you can only save a child or a rat from a fire, to have it clear that your moral responsibility is to save the child. If you think a rat is just like a child, then you will not know which one to save. So anthropocentrism is, among other things, a vision that is a source of ethics. And it has been used as a weapon by many misanthropes to justify their hatred of other human beings, especially those who have the big audacity to think differently of them, incidentally, source of a growing threat of violence against their peers, because they consider that killing one person is like killing a rat.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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