• Homophobes Won In Colombia

    Yesterday, Colombian lawmakers rejected the gay marriage bill.

    Nothing new there, actually. That’s what is to be expected from a Banana Republic – missing the chance of entering civilization the same week as France.

    What’s there to know is in this so called secular country, the Catholic Church lobbied (we at the Bogotá Atheists and Agnostics Association made a petition at Change, asking them to stop involving themselves in politics), evangelical Christians bought Roy Barreras‘ -the Colombian Congress President- vote, and all of them were supported by Colombian neonazis (yes – Latino-dark-skinned Nazis, engaging in “democracy”).

    Ohh, I forgot – the main opposition to gay marraige came from politicians from the Paramilitary party (PIN) – yes, Colombia is special like that – we don’t get tired of getting criminals to rule us. By the way, the Government is now doing some so-called “peace talks” with the other terrorist group (Farc), so they won’t do any jail time – that’s why Juan Manuel Santos -Colombia’s President- didn’t support gay marriage: he didn’t want the Catholic Church to stop supporting this impunity process he’s so desesperately seeking for hist terrorists friends.

    And that’s a regular day down here.

    Please, do tell me again how hard European Atheists have it – try getting out of this country (and that inculdes getting a visa)!

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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