• Women, Please, Don’t Ask Me For Presents!


    In Colombia, and Latin America, Women’s Day has become a date when you are supposed to give presents and compliments to women.

    I can’t even begin to describe how offended and revolted I am by this thought. Here’s why:

    To me, every day is women’s day. I hope you girls are treated with respect (and that you demand respect), I wish you to be happy and not discriminated against simply because of your sex.

    365 days a year I fight tooth and nail to defend the right of every woman to have an abortion by the mere fact that she wishes so, even if that puts her life at risk. It’s her choice!

    24/7 for 52 weeks each year, I support equal rights and opportunities for women in every aspect of their lives.

    Not a single day goes by that I am not a standard bearer of women’s sexual freedom, and that I don’t defend their reproductive and contraceptive rights against all kind of drivel.

    What a woman chooses to do with her body is her problem. I do not consider “bitch“, “slut“, “whore” and other synonyms for “prostitute” to be insults and I never use those words as such.

    I think girls should be entitled to go into their rooms with their boyfriends as much as their brothers are entitled to do so with their girlfriends.

    I am happy to know there are women out there who have multiple partners, and to know they will go out with as much couples as they deem necessary and sufficient to meet their emotional and physical needs. (And, as with men, I hope they do so in all honesty and without giving false hopes or expectations to anyone.)

    I am the first one who finds it powerfully stupid to say that women ask to be raped according to how they dress. I will stand up for their right to go out as they please and to say no. Even if a woman went out naked, that’s still no invitation to have sex with her.

    As well as I scorn male chauvinism, I have contempt for female chauvinism, false feminism, femtheism and feminazis because they undermine, delegitimize and ignore the battles that have been won and the ones that are being waged.

    I believe the state should provide sex education and offer contraceptive methods for free and that all educational establishments should include, in every tuition, evidence-based sex and birth control education (not that crap about condoms having holes neither stupid threats with Hell).

    And I am very happy to learn that a woman masturbates, that she likes role playing, that she wants to dress up and that she seeks to satisfy her fantasies, that she’s willing to engage in threesomes and orgies and I love it when they confess that they are not heterosexual or simply when they say how much they enjoy sex and its possibilities.

    What’s more, I believe that the defense of these ideals should be on a daily basis, whenever necessary and that’s what I do.

    So please do not offend me, and don’t offend yourselves either, nor trivialize my actions asking for presents or compliments.

    I struggle 365 days a year for women’s equality and for heterosexual men privileges to become rights for every human being.

    That’s why I hope today all women are having and wish them to continue to have a very happy day, as I hope you all do the remaining 364 days of each year.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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