• Sexism on Friendly Atheist?

    The Unbelievers movie trailer is out, and I can’t wait to watch the whole thing.

    Now, Hemant Mehta the Friendly Atheist, just reviewed the trailer and had something to say about it:

    The movie doesn’t appear to have any real plot, but it will have cameos by nearly two dozen celebrities (only three of whom, by my count, are women) who will presumably talk about why they’re atheists and why they support the work of Dawkins/Krauss.

    As some people pointed out in the comments, it looks like he is suggesting there’s active discrimination against women on this film. But I can’t help to wonder – is there some kind of female-quota for anything in order to be labeled as equality-friendly?!?

    Isn’t taking women into account because of their sex instead of because what they say or think what femtheists are against?

    I still don’t get it: bad if you judge women because of their gender, and bad if you value them for what they have to say. Please, pick one, in order for us to know which one is it! You can’t have it both ways (well, they can -we’ve seen it-, but that’s quite hypocritical).

    So, look, I’m Colombian and I’d love to know why Hemant’s count didn’t take into account how many Latinos are there in the movie -or why that count didn’t make it to the post-.

    Do we need to start bullying fellow skeptics in order to be heard? Do we need to start playing the victim? What is it? I won’t do it -this is no Pharyngula, you see, we have arguments here- , but I’d love to know! As far as I can tell he didn’t care either for how many gays feature in the movie, for that matter.

    By the way, I can’t tell this for sure, and I might be wrong on this one, but I get the feeling Hemant might be afraid of being bullied -and lose traffic- if he doesn’t include this kind of comments.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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