• Bad Eggs

    With the hype of “natural” produce, not only pseudoscience has seen an oportunity to make it’s way into the collective imaginery; it’s also been a good bussiness for ‘organic’ merchants.

    Now, Germany is investigating over 200 ‘organic’ farms for fraud:

    Authorities in Germany said on Monday a probe had been launched into farms suspected of selling eggs as “organic” but not adhering to the conditions required for the label.

    Prosecutors in the northwestern state of Lower Saxony are “investigating establishments that are suspected to have fraudulently sold organic and free-range eggs,” a consumer affairs ministry spokesman told reporters.

    Some 150 farms in the state and 50 elsewhere in Germany are under suspicion of not giving their chickens sufficient space to be able to claim they are selling “organic” produce, newsweekly Spiegel reported.

    “If these accusations are confirmed, then we are talking about fraud on a grand scale,” said Eichele.

    Yeah… these guys aren’t looking out for your health or the Earth, for that matter. That’s a fable! They have a business to run, based on misconceptions of regular people who think they’re eating healthier or Earth-friendly when they’re doing neither.

    They’re just paying extra money for more hazardous food. That’s it.

    By the way, why do they get to call their food ‘organic’? It’s not like we’re eating rocks or something!

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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