• Re-sign The Gandhi Petition, Please!

    Remember the petition to have Gandhi assessed as the racist and sexist he was I posted about the other day?

    Well, the US Government removed the petition, for supposedly being “in violation of our [White House’s] Terms of Participation”. Yeah, riiiight!

    So our brave friends at OFMI had the petition re-issued on Change:

    Gandhi rejected essential human ideals that all are created equal with right to life and liberty.

    He spread racial hatred in South Africa. He told an Indian audience black Africans are “raw Kaffir[s] whose sole ambition is to… pass his life in indolence and nakedness.” He pioneered racial segregation at the Durban Post Office by demanding a third door to spare upper-caste Indians “indignity” of sharing a door with blacks. He pushed for war against Zulus and volunteered in the British Army to kill blacks.

    He insulted human dignity in India. He raped his underage grandnieces, Manu and Abha, for years. He defended the caste system, praising its “fundamental divisions.” He spread violence against non-Hindus.

    America, say no to Gandhi, a five-time Nobel Peace Prize reject!

    It looks like Obama’s allergy to facts won’t change our determination to get him to have his straight! You’re welcome!

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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