• Femen Topless in The Vatican!

    Four FEMEN’s activists (real feminists; not drama and clay-jewel manufacturer ones) protested topless during Pope Benedict XVI’s Angelus telling Ratzinger to shut up and calling him out on his homophobia:

    FEMEN sextremists have thwarted Sunday mass of the Pope in Vatican. They have stripped on the Saint Peter’s Square and were screaming “Shut up!” to the Pope. FEMEN in Vatican have closed the Pope’s mouth. The old eunuch Ratzinger has started his Angelus and on the fourth minutes sextremists have started their protest “In gay we trust!”. The protest is against main ideologist of europian homophobia. Pope uses the Nazi rhetoric in his preachings of the hatred – “Gay Marriage is A Threat To ‘Future Of Humanity”, he said. And he calls for a new witch-hunt. FEMEN requires Vatican to stop the incitement of the middle-age fire of intolerance regarding to dissent and sexual freedom. “A threat to “Future of Humanity” is religious fanaticism and the “sacred” celibacy. In Gay We Trust!


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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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