• DoD Bans Websites Critical of Islam

    I pretty much agree with Kenan Malik on hate speech – banning it is censorship.

    So I find it atrocious to see US Government banning webs critical of Islam. There’s a petition on the White House website in order to guarantee free speech criticizing Islam:

    Immediately end the Department of Defense’s ban of websites critical of Islam! This is a violation of free speech and freedom of religion. Sites such as www.thereligionofpeace.com , www.islam-watch.com , www.wikiislam.net , and others are being blocked on DoD computers on grounds of being hate speech. This is not true! Islam preaches hate, violence against non-believers, and intolerance, NOT its opponents. End this unconstitutional censorship now. People in the Department of Defense, especially members of the military that have to go to these Islam-dominated countries and risk their lives to defend the Constitution of the United States have a right to a balanced view of Islam, including websites that are critical of it.

    This is a victory of Islam. US Government is afraid of protecting freedoms, and instead gives in to threats and protects feelings and ideas! Terrorism aims to undermine civil liberties and this kind of actions is exactly their ultimate goal.

    The answer to threats or potential threats is more freedom, not less

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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