• Pennies From Heaven

    I really get stunned on how conmen pull their scams off. I don’t get it how people fall for their tricks.

    But they keep falling. For example some guy in Spain said he could get money from the sky, and people believed him and paid him to do that for them:

    The Spanish Civil Guard arrested a man who convinced three local residents of Crevillent, in southeastern Spain, that he had the power of “getting down money from sky” and who conned more than 12,000 euros (almost US $ 15,400).

    The now arrested 39-year-old from Senegal, appeared before his victims as a “sorcerer” possessor of the gift of getting money “from sky”, according to sources the armed institute in a press release.

    How did that work? He could make money rain and he charged them? Didn’t that sound a bit strange?


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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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