• Newborns and Multiculturalism in Colombia

    I pretty much agree with Mansoor Hekmat in that “cultural relativism is a cover to create a comprehensive social, legal, intellectual, emotional, geographical and civil apartheid among the inhabitants of a country based on distinctions of race, ethnicity and religion”.

    This week, we had a chance to see multiculturalism ‘at work’.

    First, a new-born baby of the Embera Chamí tribe had her clitoris chopped off:

     The girl, five days old, was about to bleed to death and suffered a severe infection. She had her clitoris mutilated to an 80 percent, according to Adriana Angel, coordinator of the hospital’s maternal unit. She had coffee in the bowels that was spilled onto her to stop the bleeding.

    No one needs to put that into perspective, but there can be no harm done comparing it with a Wayú woman’s and her newborn’s lives being saved due to science (real science) and West’s technology:

    After more than nine hours of severe complications from preeclampsia, a 16 year old, 34 weeks pregnant, managed to give birth in the Riohacha clinic after being evacuated by helicopter of the Colombian Air Force from a section village near Nazareth, in the Alta Guajira.

    Humanitarian management, deployed to save the life of María Soledad Epiayu and her infant son, was led by the governor of La Guajira, Juan Francisco Gómez Cerchar, who coordinated all the device for transfer and care, to the waiting point and to receive all the medical equipment available in Almirante Padilla airport as soon as he had knowledge of the case.

    So cultural relativists can whine all they want about how Western Civilisation (to me, the only civilisation in existence) is “bad” or whatever, but when it comes to saving lives and protecting civil liberties and invidual freedoms, West is the best we’ve got.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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