• Halloween Curfew

    I’m a civil libertarian, so it is understandable if I don’t like it when Government chops off our individual freedoms in order to guarantee our ‘safety’. People who isn’t doing anything wrong shouldn’t have to give away part of their freedoms, just because.

    And now, Bogotá, the city I’m living in, had a mandatory curfew for children during Halloween:

    The Ministry of Government has ready operative that will allow children and teenagers to celebrate Halloween festivities in street until 11 pm, an hour after which infants must necessarily be accompanied by their parents, otherwise will be conducted by police to care centers.

    “If children are caught without parents they will be taken to a shelter, where called his parents and imposed a measure of caution. If they are not picked up, children will be moved to the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare” informed the Mayor of Bogotá.

    Similar measures were taken in Pereira and Cereté. Help me!!! I live in a Banana Republic.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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