• I Wish Colombia Had Something Remotely Like the ACLU

    Contrary to all expectations, Colombia is currently debating a bill on marriage equality. Of course, mental slaves of the Catholic Church, the Conservative Party (something like a Catholic-GOP), ain’t happy with that.

    That’s why Senator Roberto Gerlein made some nasty discriminatory statements:

    In developing the project discussion on gay marriage in Colombia, which was postponed for next week, he said that sex between men is “dirty, filthy, sex that deserves condemnation and is excremental sex”.

    “By nature they are repudiated by that same nature. Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth the Bible says; this would be barren and would not be crowds of homosexuals,” he said.

    Hahahahaha, the Bible, hahahaha! It’s like quoting Little Red Riding Hood to object to oral sex!

    Then, in developing a new onslaught of the session, he said that gay sexuality reaches a “sterile sex, sterile union and conservatives can not share that idea.”

    “It never worried me much the cot shared between women because that homosexuality is nothing and is inconsequential but shared by two men is a dirty sex,” insisted Gerlein.

    Usual Conservative homophobia. Nothing new there, I know.

    But this is where things just got weird. First, the Government fostered a suit on anti-discrimination law claims:

    Senior Presidential Advisor on Gender Equality, Cristina Plazas, said through her Twitter account that these statements are a “perfect opportunity for prosecutors and the Judicial Power in Colombia to show that we do have an anti-discrimination law.”

    Yeah… we got one of those and is nothing good – it’s just a legal shelter for censorship and the legalization of thought crimes.

    So, almost all the LGBT rights advocates suddenly started calling for the Attorney General to charge Mr. Gerlein for being a homophobe. This is not the first time it has happened and I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time.

    LGBTs haven’t conquered all their civil liberties yet, nevertheless they’re chopping off those from others who have opposing views. That’s not how you fight for your rights! (Some even told me it was hate speech and, therefore, it should be banned, and punished. Well, they’re wrong).

    I’ve mentioned I live in a Banana Republic, right?

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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