• Child Abuse Against Bullfighting


    In Colombia, we’re still arguing if torturing and killing a bull should be legal or a crime.

    Of course, it should be punishable with jail, but it turns out bullfighting has a lot of fans here, so it’s a “cultural issue“.

    Anyway, the Animal Rights lawmakers have come up with a new idea to reduce the audience – exclude minors from the show:

    Senator Camilo Sánchez Ortega, sponsor of the initiative, said the double standard of not allowing the entry of minors to many movies with “fabricated violence” and facilitate their access to violent distractions should come to an end.

    I really wouldn’t mind these guys banning kids from the fiesta brava, but the thing is they don’t really care about kids. If they did, they’d be pushing a bill to forbid religious indoctrination, baptisms, and the likes. But they’re not – they’re just pretending.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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