• Way To Go, Uruguay!

    Compared with what we have in Latin America, I think José Mujica, Urugua’s President, is the less worse of them all. First, it was a bill legalizing pot.

    And now this:

    Uruguay’s Senate approved a bill on Wednesday that allows women to have abortions during the first trimester of pregnancy for any reason, opening the way for one of the most sweeping abortion rights laws in Latin America.

    The bill, approved by Uruguay’s 31-member Senate by a 17-to-14 vote, had been narrowly approved in September by the country’s lower house. While some prominent political leaders in Uruguay have opposed the measure, President José Mujica has supported it. Alberto Breccia, a top aide to Mr. Mujica, said Wednesday that the president had no plans to veto the bill, almost ensuring that it would become law by early November.

    I’d love to have a President like this. Did you know Mujica is an Atheist?

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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