• Rafael Correa is a GMO advocate

    One of the things I hate most in the pseudoscience world is the dislike, misconceptions and disinformation about genetically modified organisms.

    I have been quite keen on spreading what GMOs really are about and translated articles debunking all the conspiracy theories surrounding this technology, so you would understand my excitement when I found out that Ecuador’s President, Rafael Correa, is a GMO advocate:

     In an interview with the TV channel Gama TV, the Ecuadorian president highlighted the potential of biotechnology to develop plants resistant to cold.

    “Genetically modified seeds can quadruple production and pull out of misery the poorest sectors,” he said.

    The Constitution, promoted by Correa and approved in 2008, declared Ecuador “free of transgenic crops and seeds”.

    “We made a mistake in the Constitution”, the President said today; he also stated he did not have “the integrity” to oppose the clause.

    Article 401 of 2008 Constitution declared the country free of GMOs and notes that only in exceptional circumstances, based on national interest by the Head of State or the National Assembly, genetically modified seeds and crops will be brought in.

    The Constitution says that the State shall regulate the development of modern biotechnology and its products, its experimentation, use and marketing, while prohibiting the application of risky or experimental biotechnologies.

    Thus Correa did not rule out the possibility of “amending the Constitution” if after a national debate they come to a scientific conclusion about it.

    With these statements, Ecuador is willing to debate and discuss the suitability of genetically modified (GM) or transgenic crops on their territory. This could open the range of technology options for farmers.

    Disclaimer: I do not like Correa’s hypocrisy on free speech or his support for Hugo Chávez’ government.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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