• Evo Morales Is A Douche

    Ok, I try not to be hostile or verbally abuse anyone. But this one time, I think it’s justified.

    You’ll see, the Bolivian government wants to fine whoever insults the President (so I’m messing with’em):

    According to Vice President Álvaro García Linera, they would fine anyone who speaks in discriminatory terms of Bolivian president on social networks. Well, how would they notice if I’m insulting the president? According to the Minister of Presidency, Carlos Romero, the government of Bolivia has a digital monitoring unit watching what is said in social networks. So, if you mention Evo and the administration does not like it, that could make you a creditor of a sanction.

    The measure, to some extent, is justified. Evo Morales has claimed that on Facebook he is much insulted with names such as “cocaine farmer Indian” or “ignorant Indian”, so he thought of accusing these people of committing acts of discrimination. However, Morales’s opponents point out that this initiative would seek only to frighten users, for who defines the line of what is allowed to say or not?

    No, no measure banning or fining free speech is justified or justifiable to any extent. Obama has been object of similar attacks and I have never seen him promoting a bill to stop a bunch of ignorant racists!

    And these are the kind of self-righteous Latinamerican Presidents that say the US are the worst thing ever happened to humanity. Well, I certainly wouldn’t want humanity to depend on these crybabies.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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