• Atheism Plus: We’re Atheists… But We Behave Like Christians!


    So far, the so called A+ movement has given me enough reasons to come to think of them as a godless Christian-like movement, or A.

    This the way I see it.

    A, we’re Athesits… but we behave like Christians:

    • We engage into verbal abuse when someone criticizes ideas we hold sacred!
    • We self-righteously pride on valuing the truth above all, but we don’t mind lying in order to push our ideology!
    • We pride ourselves as freedom and inclusion lovers, but we’ll determine who’s a “pariah” and what the limits are on your not-so-free speech!
    • We hate it when people use statistics in order to justify racism (felonies are more likely to be comitted by Latinos – so it would be understandable if you change sidewalks, for example), but we have no problem with the whole Schrödinger’s Rapist concept! So no, stop pretending we’re relabeling Humanism, we are not – that would mean we apply presumption of innocence to every single human being, regardless of their sex!
    • We patronize people who disagree with us – they just “don’t get it“.
    • We’re all for sexual freedom… as long as it doesn’t “objectify” women. (We have no comments on lesbian self-masturbation when it involves thinking of other women.) When some women, by their own free will (figuratively speaking), let themselves be objectified, we deny them agency about their own choices! Who said that’s “objectifying””? We know better what’s best for them, that’s just all!
    • We’re pro-choice, unless, you know, women choose to use their bodies in ways we disapprove of (and for that matter, ways ayatollahs disapprove of as well! How often do we get to agree? We must be doing somethin’ right, right?).
    • We actually have convinced people that an inclusive and open movement, has always lacked diversity – but, how else were we supposed to sell our movement as inclusive?
    • We say we hate faulty logic, but, by default, we think all and every one of the trolls we get are Atheists – New Atheists, to be precise.
    • We tell Christians there’s no right to not be offended, while telling our own ranks TAM should ban people who ‘offended’ the feelings of one of us.
    • We hate free market and unregulated economy (social justice, right?), but we have no saying about the monopoly of one of us selling painted rocks as jewelry. You have no right to pick up rocks, paint’em and sell them out – that business is already taken and we would like TAM to guarantee there won’t be competition!
    • We say we hate “mansplaining”, but our male followers are more than free to tell their mothers how to be a woman. You see, you can “mansplain” if you’re on the right side.
    • We avoid arguments, and instead resort to calling out name-calling… but it’s all metaphors and blogging-style, when we do it! Basically, your argument will be treated depending, not on it’s own merits, but on who you are!

    That would be for now! I’m open to suggestions!

    And, please, by all means, feel free to use the A logo, even if you are going to criticize me or my post (or insult me, which is highly probable).  I won’t DMCA you because: a) I dislike copyright and, b) I’m all for free speech.

    If you are thinking of filing a DMCA about this, in order to get my address, well, good luck with that – I live in Colombia (yes, I’m a Latin American guy) so I think it’d be rather pointless, but it’s a free country, or so they say!.

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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