• Catholics Keep Woman From Exercising Her Right!

    What’s the worst thing that can happen to a girl who was kidnapped, forced to prostitute and managed to escape after someone got her pregnant?

    Having ultracatholic zealots going inside her hospital room to stop her abortion:

    She wanted an abortion because Argentina’s law now allows it . But the mayor of Buenos Aires, the conservative Mauricio Macri, announced the day -on Tuesday- and the hospital -Ramos Mejía- where she was going to carry out the termination of pregnancy in an attempt to boycott the intervention, the first to be performed with the new regulations. An ultraconservative Catholic group took up the gauntlet: imposed an injunction and effectively shut the intervention down when the patient was in the OR after entering in bad ways in her hospital room.

    This unusual situation has created many problems added to the victim, 32. For starters, she wanted to remain anonymous, among other things because her family was not aware, but the mayor making public the details of her privacy have exposed her to everyone.

    The day after the announcement of the mayor, Catholic association Pro Family went to court to prevent the abortion. They also organized demonstrations in the homes of the hospital director and the young woman’s, but she was in the hospital and at home were her parents who until then did not know that her daughter was pregnant, as revealed by her lawyer, Carlos Lucero Paz . “The hospital chaplain, father Fernando, walked inside the victim’s room with Pro Family people; she is greatly affected by what happened,” said the lawyer.

    So, Catholics making everyone miserable and preventing them from exercising their rights! That’s their modus operandi!

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    Article by: Ðavid A. Osorio S

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