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“They liked me, but they have to kill me some day”

What do you say to someone who tried to stab you to death?

The unlikely opportunity to find out presented itself to Asif Mohiuddin not long ago in a jail in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Taken into custody for a second time for allegedly posting “offensive comments about Islam and Mohammed” on his blog, the outspoken atheist blogger and anti-Islamist political activist found himself in a cell next to one of the three assailants who had been waiting outside his office building when he arrived for the night shift on the 14th of January 2013.

John Loftus leaves SIN

It comes with some great surprise and sadness that John Loftus has decided to leave the Skeptic Ink Network, a platform which he co-founded with Ed Clint for which we are all exceptionally grateful. As you surely know, John is the author of some superb books, one of which I am due to soon review (The Outsider Test For Faith, which is excellent).

My banned commenter (ordained priest) is stalking me…

Recently, I posted about a certain gentleman, no person, who had taken to negatively attacking my books without having read them, and certainly without understanding their content. This man has wound many up. He has posted literally hundreds of times on my books, and has written financially damaging reviews.

The best damned podcast in town

Podcasts are a really useful medium for learning about or engaging with topics because you can listen to them on the fly. In the last week, I have mowed the lawn, sharpened garden tools, walked to the shops, driven in my car, washed carpets and so on, all the while listening to counter-apologetics and biblical exegesis. My exciting life! Life, with only 24 hours in a day, has been, for many years, a series of opportunities to multi-task, to kill two birds with one stone.

I will soon be compiling a webpage here for the menu above linking to a superb list of podcasts and what have you.

JP Holding and internet civility [miracles can happen! ;) ]

People seem to be talking about internet civility an awful lot at the moment. For example, Dan Fincke at Camels with Hammers has been asking people to sign up to a civility pledge. I have been involved in my own debate with a rather infamous apologist, JP Holding. For those who do not know JP Holding, he is an ex-prison librarian cum self-styled apologist who runs (Tekton Apologetics Ministries) and Theology Web. He has a Masters Degree in Library Science, which will be important for a later point.

What do you want from ATP? Feedback please…

In the same way that evolution improves organisms’ fitness for survival in their environment through performance, feedback and revision, at ATP we would like some feedback to make any necessary revisions. So far our performance here seems to have done just fine with a growing readership and some lively commenting. However, it is hard to know from the inside, sometimes, whether one is hitting the mark or not.