• John Loftus leaves SIN

    It comes with some great surprise and sadness that John Loftus has decided to leave the Skeptic Ink Network, a platform which he co-founded with Ed Clint for which we are all exceptionally grateful. As you surely know, John is the author of some superb books, one of which I am due to soon review (The Outsider Test For Faith, which is excellent).

    John has kept his original Debunking Christianity running concurrently with his new one here which he has found difficult to manage, and with the maturity of his DC1 platform and its solid reading numbers, it is sensible to keep with that one as there are not the numbers of believers hankering for discussion to be found here that he was hoping. I will hopefully continue to post the odd article for him there. I look forward to celebrating his time here with a few Loftus oriented pieces.

    As with any personal decision, we will probably never be fully cognisant of every motivating factor, but suffice to say that John will be sorely missed and I look forward to working with him on future projects (in fact, I am working with him on one now which is very exciting). He is such a strong and important voice in the atheist community, tirelessly fighting the good fight against irrational faith beliefs. All the very best John, do what you do best.


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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce