• Exciting new content on SIN

    The Skeptic Ink Network is maturing. We have changed a little over the time we have started, and it has been sad to see some people come and go (or even start and go). Be that as it may, we have continued to evolve and start to put out consistent quality, in my most humble of opinions.

    To add to the diversity of content, we are proud to welcome two new contributors. Well one contributor, and a channel of various contributors. Firstly, I am a bit late in welcoming Vandy over at Transubstatiation. Vandy is transgender and has an interesting story to tell, coming at atheism and skepticism from a different angle.

    Healthy Skepticism is a new channel which has started with a bang, getting a host of hits and endorsements from some big names. Suffice to say that it adds further diversity of content, looking at health, diet and lifestyle from a skeptical and scientific standpoint.

    Please check them both out.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce