• Not Cured of HIV

    Some time ago, I posted about a baby born with HIV from an infected mother.

    At the time, the baby was given a strong course of antiviral drugs. Some time later, she was declared free of HIV.

    That baby is about to turn four… and the HIV is back. She has been monitored for HIC every 6-8 weeks since the drug course was finished. For 27 months, all tests were negative.

    Somehow… more correctly, somewhere… the virus was hiding in her body and finally came back. She’s now on antivirals again and will probably have to remain on them for the rest of her life.

    A research trial has been proposed for babies born from mothers with HIV. Now that trial is going to be reevaluated. Of course, the trial subjects (there are none at this time) could have tissue and fluid samples (not just blood samples) taken and researchers might be able to find out where HIV is hiding in them.

    Let’s hope that helps.

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