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Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 in Atheism, Drama, Freethought Blogs, Skepticism, Socialism | 56 comments

A World Without Dogma

A world without dogma would be unprecedented. As a species, we’ve rapidly become technologically advanced, but changes in our culture have been far more lethargic in their development. Simultaneously, for the first time in human history, at least in the Western world, the belief in god is becoming less important. Partially, this is because modern science is incompatible with the notion of a magical theistic overseer. And partially, it’s because for those of us living in the West, modern medicine and better living conditions have made it less necessary to ask for divine intervention.  We are taught to attribute our successes to ourselves (the ever-present free will question notwithstanding), and most people seem happy to do so. As for our failures? Well, those are due to bad luck, of course. But if we assume that no gods exist, where does that lead us? Does is logically follow that Marxist feminism is the best way to live? Based on history, I dare say no. So far, experiments with Marxism have lead to genocide and mass murder. Am I supposed to believe that Marxist feminism will be any different?  Maybe a few years ago, you could have convinced me of this, but after seeing the divisiveness, vindictiveness, and vengeful behavior of people like PZ Myers, Rebecca Watson, and Richard Carrier, I don’t believe it. Further, I don’t believe in any dogma that puts the interests of one group over others in its very name. Human beings have not yet learned to live in peace with each other. This is true both with religion and without.  Even without god beliefs, atheists are constantly at each other’s throats. And frankly, I’m no exception. But at least I know it. I also know that a program of selfish killing and outright eugenics is just as “logical” an outcome as Marxist feminism when no god exists to pave the way. After all, it’s survival of the fittest, right? A godless universe comes with no inherent meaning, and no hell fire for your wrongdoings. It literally leaves you staring into the abyss. But the beauty is that you have to freedom to create your own meaning, whether that be love, art, integrity, helping others or anything else of your choosing. Human beings are social creatures, and as such, we’ve arrived at a few core and noble principles. Religion hasn’t hindered us in doing so. “Do onto others as you would have done unto yourself.” “Love your enemy.” “Love your neighbor.” Don’t murder. Don’t steal. Don’t rape. Don’t harm others. Most of us live by these principles at least to some extent, and I see a system of tolerant pluralism as a far more desirable outcome than one man’s neo-puritan and divisive ideology. Have you ever seen a PZ Myers video where he’s talking about anything but science? Watch carefully, and you’ll notice that he’s preaching. And what he’s preaching isn’t kindness. We are drawn to powerful and charismatic personalities, and because of this, we should always treat what they’re saying with skepticism.