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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Atheism, Feminism | 48 comments

Gender Traitor Solidarity

I am a gender traitor, and I stand in solidarity with other gender traitors like me. We have a rich history, you see. During the holocaust, gay men were labeled gender traitors by the Nazis and then cruelly exterminated, and today I stand in solidarity with gay men (and with people of all sexual orientations and genders). In the 50s in the US, white supremacists called white liberals who believed in racial equality “race traitors,” a term analogous to gender traitors, and I stand in solidarity with people of all races. This very day, a subset of vocal and powerful feminists, many of them men,  is labeling all other women — including liberal, libertarian, and equity feminists — as gender traitors, and I stand in solidarity with all women labeled as such. Further, I stand in solidarity with every man who has been unfairly accused of misogyny for simply being born male and daring to question feminist ideology or the wrong woman’s ideas.

Although I support remedial legal action until true equality of opportunity is achieved and believe that diversity of representation is an important societal goal, I think the expectation of equality of results is unrealistic, since all individuals have different weaknesses and strengths, and in the end, each person must be judged on those qualities and not group membership. For a better understanding of how I feel about these issues, please read this amazing blog post*. Many of my thoughts could not have been better expressed.

*I do think the writer underestimates the toxicity of the republican/libertarian stance on birth control. Birth control is crucial to women’s equality, and of course women should have access to it if needed. At public expense.