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Bluharmony’s Comment Policy

1.   Please abide by the overarching comment policy of this network.
2.   Attack arguments, never people.
3.   Avoid gratuitous profanity, unless it’s funny or clever.
4.   Please avoid racist, homophobic, transphobic, and sexist slurs.
5.   Don’t worry about derailing comment threads; feel free to let the discussions go wherever they may.
6.   Contact me by email if you have any concerns or would like to suggest topics for future posts.
7.   I reserve the right to moderate/delete comments that violate the rules above or to redact them for compliance. Any redactions  will be clearly noted as such.
8.   If you would like your comment removed or edited for clarity, please contact me, and I will do so at your request.
9.   Please feel free to disagree with me; I make many mistakes and appreciate being corrected.
10. Have fun!