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Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Drama, Feminism, Freethought Blogs | 11 comments

PZ Myers And His White Male Privilege

Though I think the hypothetical privilege stuff, as typically used by the social justice warriors, is largely poppycock, why is PZ Myers attacking my “disadvantages”? I am not a man, I am not a handmaiden of the patriarchy, and Myers has repeatedly accused me of being mentally ill for disagreeing with him (historical sexism at its shiniest). All of this is aside from bribes and similar I’ve received (not from Myers directly) to get me to agree with him and, in return, be taken seriously by the FTB crowd. In my opinion, when it comes to social justice Myers doesn’t know the first thing about it. Period. I think he’s sexist and underestimates what women are truly capable of. All the women in my life have proved him wrong. And he’s only hurting us by attempting to show that accomplished women are somehow worse and “more wrong” than others of the “fragile and oppressed” female gender. I’d like to offer some colorful words to finish my post, but it’s not my style. So please, imagine your own.