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Posted by on Dec 30, 2012 in Atheism | 25 comments

Why I’m Not An Angry Atheist

When I’m too tired to write, I like to make lists. All kinds of lists. It’s time/cost/benefit efficient.

1.  I’m in great company. All the intellectuals I like to objectify were/are atheists. (I’m not implying causation here, but maybe a bit of correlation.)

2.  The only discrimination I’ve experienced for being an atheist is that someone refused to sell me a dog. That’s OK, I got a better one. And if I’ve ever experienced other discrimination due to my [lack of] religion, I’m blissfully unaware.

3.  I don’t have to go to Church on Sundays. The kind of dressing up I like to do wouldn’t go over very well in Church anyway.

4.  I don’t have to go to heaven. Because that would be hell.

5.  I can take credit for my own accomplishments, and don’t have to run around thanking something that doesn’t exist for what it didn’t do.

6.  I can base my morality on my own sense of right and wrong, and not what someone told me.

7.  My opportunity to learn about the world has no boundaries. There are no questions I can’t ask.

8.  There are very few atheists in prison.

9.   I don’t have to wonder about why a bat is a bird.

10. I don’t have to subscribe to any particular dogma, godma, or ideology.

11.  When I’m alone (or with a partner) I have total privacy.

12.  I can get along with people of all religions, as long as they’re nice people. There are no artificial barriers to my friendship.

13.  I don’t think I’m better than anyone else.

14.  I don’t think I’m worse than anyone else.  (OK, I do, but humor me.)

15.  I can still have imaginary friends because I have Facebook.