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Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in Drama, Feminism, Freethought Blogs, Humor, Nonsense, Uncategorized | 24 comments

Note To Menz: If You Haven’t Read Schrödinger’s Rapist, Surrender Your Feminist Creds Now

To save you brutes the effort of having to decipher a bunch of letters on a screen, I’m posting this brilliant essay in video format.  Just listen carefully, and you’ll soon find the love of your life. According to acclaimed humanist and evo-biologist PZ Myers, this essay is the key to successful interaction with the feminine gender. And gay men, please don’t think you’re exempt from the valuable instructions herein. Because in the eyes of a woman, you are Schrödinger’s Straight Man. When you finish watching, say “I’m a potential rapist” five times, and I promise you’ll lead a mace-in-yer-face-free existence for the rest of your lives.

The original blog post was written by guest blogger Starling on Shapely Prose. No, it’s not a joke.