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Posted by on Dec 22, 2012 in Uncategorized | 13 comments

Why Skeptically Left?

I write for many reasons and in many different places, but my main goal for this particular blog is to critically examine far left ideology, postmodernism, and various beliefs that people often hold without question. As a mixed economy socialist and (usually) far left liberal, I want to expose my personal biases to scrutiny, and more generally, discuss why, as human beings, we hold the beliefs that we do. I don’t presume to know what’s right, and with persuasive arguments, you can and will change my mind.

Obviously, the topic du jure is feminism, since I see it as being in significant conflict with the scientific method, but in the future, I also plan to discuss sociology (yes, from a layman’s perspective), as well as various laws, how they came about, and what purpose they currently serve (if any). If you follow this blog, you can expect to dip your toes in philosophical waters quite often.

Although I’m a lifelong atheist, I attach no significance to the word other than that I don’t believe in any gods (and, moreover, I’m quite certain that no theist god exists). In many respects, I also consider myself agnostic and ignostic. I plan to discuss some atheist issues as well, but mostly in a philosophical sense, as I come from the viewpoint that religion cannot be eradicated, and the only thing we can do is neutralize the harm it perpetuates. I believe the root cause of that harm is human nature, not religion; and I’m optimistic that we can learn to treat each other better than we have in the past. In other words, I hope that there will be no religion bashing here, and that we will try to view all human beings as fallible, often misguided, yet valuable and important individuals. (Yes, even the ones we don’t like.)

Further, I do not believe any theistic religion is compatible with modern science, and I will be examining and explaining this claim as well. In other words, prepare yourselves for a “God of the Ever-Shrinking Gaps” post in the near future.

Finally, I also hope to discuss art that inspires me and gives me reason to live, and to interview people who do much the same.  And as I’ve said before, guest posts will always be welcome. Occasionally, I will stray off topic and hope that you will forgive.

That’s pretty much what you’re in for if you choose to follow this blog, and I hope you do. Welcome to my online home. Suggestions for future posts are welcome, and I will gladly address any questions either in the comments section or via the online contact form.

Thanks for stopping by.