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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Nonsense, Philosophy | 4 comments

Your Perception Is Not My Reality

But why isn’t it?  Let’s examine the possible reasons:

1. I could be wrong;

2. You could be wrong;

3. Both of us could be wrong;

4. We could be misunderstanding each other; our mutual reality, as it were, could be lost in translation; or

5. Reality is different for everyone.

While #5 is either unlikely or irrelevant, #1-4 could be remedied through better communication, stronger arguments, greater empathy, and a desire to see things from someone else’s perspective. Reality is neither right nor wrong; it simply is, so it’s of greatest advantage for us, humble denizens of this planet that we are, to see it and understand it before making personal value judgments about it or about each other.