• Muslims vs Arabs – my response to a particularly nasty slander

    I had hoped not to wade back into this mire, but Arizona Atheist has persistently misrepresented my view in a very egregious way, and is taking to deleting my responses.

    What his smear consists of is a persistent and gross innuendo that my hostility to Islam stems from an unexplained bias against Arabs.  That very neatly relieves him of any obligation to know anything about the long history of the argument about Islam and its conflicts, and that is of course why he makes it (when persistently addressed in such a tone, do not think I will not respond in kind).

    Exhibit A in his case, indeed his only exhibit in his case, is the following post.  As anyone who reads the post can see, I twice stress the fact that I would be happy to grant a blanket asylum to all Egyptian copts, who happen to be Arabs themselves.  The reason I am opposed to Sweden’s psychotic policy is that mass Muslim immigration to Europe has lead to violent anti-Semitism, the curtailment of freedom of speech, repeated attacks on gays, a resetting of women’s rights to pre-medieval levels and so forth.  None of these, incidentally, qualify as “terrorism”

    I wonder how people who trade in this smear really think.  Does AA think I have any love for the Iranian Mullahs, the Pakistani Jamaat e Islami, or this guy – just because they are not Arabs?   Do he seriously think that I have any dislike for Nonie Darwish or Wafa Sultan because they are Arabs?   If anything, what I hope for, the end of Islam as a serious power in the world, would mean the emancipation of hundreds of millions of Arab minds from this superstitious wickedness.

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    Article by: The Prussian