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    I get no end of stick for my assertion in “The Death of Atheism” that the only sin the modern western left recognizes is being right-wing. Other than that, anything does.

    Here’s what I am talking about:

    Summary: one shouldn’t be nice to right-wingers because we apparently want to firebomb newspapers, kill homosexuals, and lobotomize those who think differently. So you shouldn’t try to be nice to us or treat us like human beings or anything.

    Citation for any of this? Come on, just one?

    Now, the funny thing is, there really is a movement in this world that kills journalists, and murders homosexuals, and persecutes those who think differently. Let’s see, has the writer drawn one single solitary comic against this movement?

    Ha. Ha. Ha.

    Contrary to her cartoon, the official right wing response to homosexual persecution looks like this:

    This is why I say Go Right or Get Out.

    To stress, this isn’t about anything beyond this one, crucial issue. I actually know the cartoonist, Dana Simpson, from way back. Ozy & Millie is a damn fine piece of work; if you have a moment send some love, and some cash, her way.

    It’s only on the crucial point of the defense of civilization that she deserves criticism.

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