• Sweden commits suicide

    Sweden is offering blanket asylum to all, yes all, refugees from the Syrian civil war.  What could go wrong?

    Well, this for a start.

    If the Swedish far-left gov’t is crazy enough to think the Swedish people will take this indefinitely, they need to have their medication examined.  So the ultimate nightmare of a civil war between the Breiviskist far right right and the Islamic far-right just got a lot closer.

    If anyone wants me I’ll be drinking.

    Exit question: are they doing anything, anything to help the Egyptian copts or Nigerian Christians?

    UPDATE: Bang on cue, the EDL starts targeting Ahmadiyya Muslims; i.e., a genuinely non-violent sect that hasn’t caused any trouble I have heard of (and you may take it as read that I am no bleeding heart about Islam).  If anyone wants me, I will be drinking more.

    UPDATE x 2: Just so this isn’t misunderstood, I’m in favour of immigration and in favour of helping asylum seekers.  I have written before about helping, e.g., the Egyptian copts.  But not at the cost of sanity.  It is guaranteed that a hefty chunk of Syrian “refugees” will be hardcore Jihadists.

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    Article by: The Prussian