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Moments of Transition

How the world could have been. Obviously we can’t go back and change history and prevent the terrible tragedy that was the 9/11, but we could think about how we reacted to those attacks and how we continue to react to what happened on that day.

Call To Action: Pardon Chelsea Manning

Yesterday, Private Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in military prison for a crime he didn’t commit. As a whistle blower on the military’s illegal killing of civilians, Manning should not have faced any charges and those who he exposed should have been charged and hopefully convicted. To date, no one except for Manning has been changed much less convicted.

In For A Pinch, In For A Pound

While fundamentalist religious believers certainly have a lot of ridiculous beliefs, I actually can understand their position much better than I can understand the position of the more nominal believers — as the old saying goes, in for a pinch; in for a pound.

Jamaican Christians Upset At Possible Competition

Jamaica is a lot like the US as far as religious demographics are concerned… well sort of. About 65% of the country is Christian and about 20% have no religious affiliation. America has about 80% Christian and 20% with no religious affiliation. So who makes up the additional 15% in Jamaica? Jews, Muslim, Rastafarians, and closeted Obeahs. That last one is really pissing off the Christians.

The Space Race Has Begun

A while ago, I heard about a planned manned mission to Mars… or at least Mars orbit. This is sort of cool, but it’s mostly lame. It’s like climbing the highest mountain and then suddenly stopping right before you reach the peak, turning around, and going home. Without stepping foot on the surface of Mars, the trip is just a waste of time, money, and resources.

Could Egypt Happen In America?

A few days ago, the Egyptian people demanding that their leader, Mohammed Morsi, resign from office. When he refused, the Egyptian military stepped in and removed Morsi from power. This was awesome because Morsi sucks. He is a religious extremist who was transforming Egypt into a theocracy instead of a secular state.

Has Independence Day Lost Its Luster?

Independence Day used to be one of my favorite holidays. For one, it was not a religious holiday which immediately elevates it above most other holidays. But I also loved the Fourth of July because I was a Patriot – America, fuck yeah!

I’ve Evolved on Memorial Day

Today, Memorial Day is all about picnics and barbeques but at one time it was about memorializing those Americans who fought and died in service to our country. What does that mean?

Catholics Want To ‘Talk’ With Atheists

A few years ago, the now Pope emeritus wanted to create a “dialog” with atheists… who aren’t strident in their lack of belief. Only, “noble atheists” were invited and to the Pope, that means that no atheists who are actually critical of the Catholic Church were welcome. Now Catholic bloggers have taken up a similar call for a “dialog.”