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The Economy of Futurism

About a year ago, I read a news story about a proposal to give every citizen in Switzerland $2800 as a basic income. I remember talking about this with my progressive friends and to my surprise I was the only one who really thought this was a great idea. Sure, critics could easily point out that idea would obviously sound great to me because I am a stay-at-home dad who works a part-time retail job making slightly above minimum wage, but that isn’t why I actually liked the idea.

The First Contact Litmus Test

Anyone who is a superfan of Star Trek: The Next Generation would know that before the Federation of Planets initiates first contact with an alien world, the people of that world must first develop the capacity to travel at warp speed. Warp drive is the test that the people of a planet must pass before First Contact can occur. But what if in reality the test is something different? What if the test is that a culture must abandon religion and/or supernatural beliefs?

Humanistic Economic Solution

The Republicans have caused the sequester, the partial government shutdown, and the threat governmental default. This has not only cut funding to many government programs, but has also left our already struggling economy in near ruins. The Swiss have an interesting economic solution which is worth discussing.

Getting To The 24th Century

I grew up in a pretty sheltered environment and I think that has a lot to do with why I am so outspoken about my lack of belief in deities and my support for skepticism and science. I had never met anyone who valued religion over science until I went to college.

The Future Is Almost Here!

Holy fuck, we are on the verge of creating warp drive! According to a recent article on io9.com, physicist Harold White is working in the lab to test a theory, which if successful could lead to the construction of a warp drive. Aside from the sun, our nearest star is 4.3 light years away, but with this new warp drive, we could get there in two weeks.