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The Proper Thinking Christianity Deserves

Christians often get upset with me and other atheist writers when we talk about the beliefs that a large number of Christians actually believe. They claim that we are merely making a strawman argument, that our criticisms don’t represent their beliefs, and that we don’t give True Christianity the proper thinking that it deserves.

Hello? Your Beliefs Are Ridiculous!!

Every once in a while, I have to force myself to step back from the whole religion debate and get some prospective. Religious believers ask me every day why I don’t believe in God and I can rattle off any number of debating points. I can point out the lack of evidence, the contradictions in the Bible, the aspects of the Bible which have been shown to be false through science, the “creative” process that has gone into the writing of the Bible, the logical arguments against the concept of God, etc. All that being said, sometimes I just have to remind the religious believer that the whole concept is flat out ridiculous!

Protect Your Immortal Soul Today!

Awhile back, a Christian Tweeted an interesting question to atheists. The question was this: “Why would you risk your soul? #atheism” Now, I know the Christian wasn’t actually expecting an answer, but I would like to answer this question anyway.

A Case Against Missionaries

Let’s say Tom Cruise sent a “mission” of Scientologists to Uganda to help people. The group brings food, medical supplies, etc. But the poor starving people in Uganda need more than just food and medical supplies, they need hope too. So Cruise and company offer a free personality test and auditing session for everyone. He isn’t forcing Scientology on anyone, merely introducing it to starving people who are physically, emotionally, and mentally vulnerable. Scientology is helping people in need, right?

Polling Place In A Mormon Temple

This year we have the first Mormon candidate for president and it is entirely possible that the polling place could very well be a Mormon Temple. If you are a Mormon who is undecided or is on the fence, could the fact that the polling place is a Mormon Temple sway you to vote for Mitt Romney? What if you are a recovering Mormon and your polling place is in a Mormon Temple; could that discourage you from voting all together?