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Does Science Apply To Religion?

Often religious believers will claim that science can’t apply to religion. What they really mean to say is that they would rather not apply science to religion because if science were to apply to religion, it would be extremely obvious that religious claims are not actually true. So of course they will assert that science can’t apply to religion because if you are a religious person, you have to believe that or sacrifice your religion to the alter of science.

Get Ready For Another Fun Super Soul Sunday

Oprah is at it again. This week’s Super Soul Sunday will feature liberal Christian Rob Bell. Bell is a popular Christian mega-church pastor and author with a mission to bring God into the 21st Century because even Christians are embarrassed by their deity.

Religion Is an Embarrassment To Humanity

There really is no nice way of saying this but religion really is an embarrassment to humanity. I just have a hard time believing that the majority of the people on this planet are willing to suspend the use of logic, reason, and the scientific method in favor of ancient myths that are ridiculous, self-contradictory, and immoral. Why would anyone belief such absurd stories from people who thought the world was flat over the actual scientific understanding of our modern world complete with testable evidence.

Religious Strife vs. Scientific Advancement

Last night Richard Dawkins was on the Daily Show and has once again demonstrated why I am not a fan of his television appearances in America. Maybe he does better with a British audience, I don’t know, but when it comes to American audiences, he just doesn’t do a good job.

Religious Worship Different From Mere Admiration

As I talk to religious believers of various theological bends, I often hear them counter my criticism of their beliefs by informing me that I worship science. While I admit that I am quite fond of the scientific method because it allows us to better understand the world and makes our lives so much easier and more fulfilling, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I “worship” science.

Religious Impasse

Over the last few months, I have become fascinated by Christian mega-church pastor Rob Bell. I recently reviewed his latest book and interviewed him about the book. Yesterday, I stumbled upon an interesting debate Rob Bell had with fellow Christian Andrew Wilson. I love me some Christian vs. Christian debates.

When Facts Attack!

I recently had a Christian message me to tell me that one of my articles offended him. He was apparently offended by my use of facts. I have known many other Christians who also seem to be offended by facts. They feel that the facts are attacking them and well they should because they are.

Religion Is Comfortable With Science… Only To A Point

Whenever the debate arises between science and religion, there are generally liberal theistic believers who come forward to express their support for science while touting their religious identity. These liberal theistic believers then declare that there is no debate between science and religion. They are wrong!