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Atheism On Huffington Post

It is no secret that the Huffington Post Religion Section is hostile toward atheists. Some atheist bloggers even refuse to share HuffPo articles in protest of that hostility. That’s totally fair, but I want to come at it from the opposite angle. I want you to share atheist articles from HuffPo… a lot.

God is an Oldsmobile

Pastor Rob Bell has a new book coming out. In a video promoting his book, he once again starts off making our arguments for us. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

It’s About Ideas, Not Labels

Last night, I attended my county Democratic Party nomination convention. The keynote speaker was an elected official from a neighboring county and he gave a pretty good speech. One thing in particular that I liked was that he talked about how it isn’t just about helping people win with “D’s” next to their name. It is about helping people win who support our values. It isn’t about party affiliation; it is about real issues that affect real people.