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Punishments From God

There is a lot of suffering in the world, but not to worry, they are just punishments from God for all the things particular Christians don’t like. We bring all this suffering and death on ourselves by allowing evil sinners to do things we claim God doesn’t like. That’s what some Christians are still telling me.

God’s Messenger

It isn’t unusual these days for some right-wing Christian to say something hateful and then shift the blame to their deity. It isn’t that they hate gays or thing that atheists deserve to be tortured for all eternity, they are just the messenger. They are just telling us God’s message.

Don’t Pray For Me

Like many atheists, I often have Christians who threaten to physically assault me. I even get Christians who threaten send me to “meet God.” But they love me. They really love me. In fact, after all the threats, they are sure to let me know that they are praying for me. But what does that really mean anyway?

It’s Easy To Convince An Atheist

It seems that every time I get into a conversation with a Christian these days, they have to assure themselves that I am as closed minded as they are. First they brag about how dogmatic they are and then they turn around and accuse me of being dogmatic. This is where I blow their minds and explain to them just how easy it is to convince an atheist that God exists.

22 Messages From Atheists To People Who Believe In Creation

The BuzzFeed article featuring 22 messages from Creationists is so awesomely ridiculous that I just couldn’t stop with just posting answered to the 22 messages as my character of Bill Nye, so today I’m going to be asking the questions… as atheist versions of the 22 characters from the original BuzzFeed article.

The Bible Cured Cancer!

What happens when you mix the wackiness of homeopathy with the ridiculousness of religion? You get the Matthew 4 Protocol. I don’t know if you heard, but cancer has completely vanished from the Earth. No, I haven’t noticed that either. But this morning I got an e-mail from The Washington Times telling me that the Bible has cured cancer.

Yes, I Am Out To De-Convert Religious Believers

Religious believers send missionaries all over the world, they go door-to-door, they have pamphlets, t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. They are out there trying to “save” non-believers and make us believers. But then they get offended when atheists start to spread the facts about reality and try to de-convert religious believers.

Check Out The Atheist Blogroll

Did you know that there is an atheist who is putting together a list of all the atheist blogs? Yeah, the Atheist Blogroll is a pretty good site for finding new and interesting atheist bloggers.

The Sunday Assembly Schism

That aside, CNN’s belief page recently published a story about how there is a great schism within the Sunday Assembly. Apparently, the Sunday Assembly in NYC had some problems when the London based leaders told the local leaders to distance themselves from atheism. Lee Moore talks about the problems he had with that and why he and others decided to form the Godless Revival instead.

Not Held Up On Labels

Many times in my conversations with religious believers, they attempt to define me as dogmatic. They claim that “atheists” must hold to the position that there is no God and that we can’t accept the possibility that we could be wrong. They maintain that the agnostic position is the only valid position one can hold and yet they themselves are religious believers.