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TYT Takes Down Religion

This is why I love it that the number one online news program are filled with rational people who self-identify as “agnostics.” The on-air personalities of The Young Turks aren’t those mean atheists like me; they are open-minded progressives like me. They are also not “preaching” to the “choir” in that their audience isn’t just atheists. I don’t know if I can call them mainstream, but they are certainly more mainstream than the average atheist broadcaster.

Hey Rachel Held Evans, No Deal!

Last week, liberal Christian blogger Rachel Held Evans wrote an interesting piece for CNN’s Belief Blog titled, “Hey atheists, let’s make a deal.” So here is her deal:

Something Bad Happened; Cue The Religious Wackos

It really does seem like every time something bad happens, some fundamentalist religious leader is going to say something stupid. It doesn’t even matter what the bad thing is. It could be a hurricane, an earthquake, a school shooting, or planes crashing into buildings. Whatever it is, right wing religious leaders will blame it on all the predictably irrational causes.