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My Experience With Sunday Assembly

On Saturday, I got to have a conversation with Sanderson Jones. He is the co-founder of Sunday Assembly. That’s the group that the media has labeled, “The Atheist Church.” And on Sunday, I attended the Sunday Assembly and got to see first-hand what it is all about.

The Sunday Assembly Schism

That aside, CNN’s belief page recently published a story about how there is a great schism within the Sunday Assembly. Apparently, the Sunday Assembly in NYC had some problems when the London based leaders told the local leaders to distance themselves from atheism. Lee Moore talks about the problems he had with that and why he and others decided to form the Godless Revival instead.

Anti-Drama Pledge

Lee Moore of A-News recently offered to sit down with the two warring sides of the atheist infighting in an attempt to mediate the dispute. He continues to push for this and that’s great. Now Daniel Fincke of The Camels With Hammers adds his own attempt to end the infighting by issuing a “Civility Pledge.”