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Same Rhetoric; Different Religion

A few years ago, I got into a religious conversation with my ultra-Jewish cousin. This was a long awaiting exchange of ideas. My cousin is very smart and so I was expecting a pretty interesting debate-style conversation. What I got was the same typical arguments I have gotten from newly minted born-again Christians.

My Chick-Fi-A Ethic

Since at least 1998, I have been boycotting Chick-Fi-A. I know some people just found out recently that they hate gays and are massively fundamentalist Christian, but this has been kind of there thing for a long time.

Religious Segregation Starts Early

This week I am on vacation and today I took my kids to a small zoo. There we saw lots of strange animals, not the least of which were human beings. While at the small zoo there was two large groups of summer campers. Both groups were from the same summer camp, but one group was the girls (with women counselors) and the other group was the boys (with men counselors). The two groups were NOT together; they were segregated.

An Apostate To Judaism

Last week, I went to the grocery store to do my weekly shopping, but when I returned home I realized that I missed out on getting five boxes of free matzah. That makes me a super bad Jew. It means that I forgot that Passover was coming up and that I missed out on free stuff. Then again, I am an apostate to Judaism, so it shouldn’t be all that surprising.