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Dear Theists, Why Are We Here?

As an atheist, I get asked about the First Cause constantly despite the fact that any theist could just Google it and learn that the First Cause Argument was refuted hundreds of years ago. Not only that, but it has been refuted in multiple different ways. Still, religious believers will question atheists on this and insert their poor interpretation of what an atheist’s answer might be.

Dear Theist, We’ve Heard It All Before

Recently, Hemant Mehta had a dialog with a Christian mega-church pastor at the pastor’s mega-church. About 6000 people got to hear Mehta talk about atheism. One of the things that Mehta talked about was that he (and most other active atheists) have heard all the questions before. It was after this that his pastor friend brought out a questions that no atheist has every heard before.

Fundamentalists Can Learn From Ivory Tower Christians

Last night, I was a guest lecturer at a community college sociology class. The subject was atheism and secular humanism. I started out talking about the beginnings of religion and at one point outlined how the Old Testament came together. One fundamentalist Christian in the class questioned my account and well she should have because it is pretty damning to her fundamentalist beliefs and because I think it is important to question everything.

The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Christianity

On Sunday, Google put up a picture of Hugo Chavez on their main search engine page. Apparently, a lot of Christians were extremely offended by this. They weren’t offended because of the now dead Venezuelan leader’s policies or because they just didn’t like the guy. No, they were offended because it was Easter and Google didn’t give a shout-out to Jesus.