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It’s Easy To Convince An Atheist

It seems that every time I get into a conversation with a Christian these days, they have to assure themselves that I am as closed minded as they are. First they brag about how dogmatic they are and then they turn around and accuse me of being dogmatic. This is where I blow their minds and explain to them just how easy it is to convince an atheist that God exists.

‘Lots of Evidence For God’ – I’ll Bite

I recently left a comment somewhere on the interwebs that there is no valid evidence for any deities. It is a frequent comment I make to start a conversation and challenge religious believers. One religious believer commented back that there was lots of evidence for God – to which I laughed out loud.

Dear Theist, We’ve Heard It All Before

Recently, Hemant Mehta had a dialog with a Christian mega-church pastor at the pastor’s mega-church. About 6000 people got to hear Mehta talk about atheism. One of the things that Mehta talked about was that he (and most other active atheists) have heard all the questions before. It was after this that his pastor friend brought out a questions that no atheist has every heard before.

What Convinced Christians Of Their Beliefs?

Many Christians love to tell their stories of how they got saved. I think it is also valuable for atheists to tell our stories of how we became damned to eternal torture… I mean how we de-converted from religion to atheism. The thing is that I think atheists and Christians have very different processes for how we came to our present position on the existence of deities. I don’t really want to know how someone got saved, but I would like to know what convinced them of their beliefs. That is not necessarily the same thing.

Twilight, God, and Predestination

By now everyone knows that the author of the Twilight books is a Mormon and that the books contain a distinctly fundamentalist view of gender roles. I confess that I have not read the books so I am taking that view in large part from commentaries I have read about the books and from my other confession… I have actually watched the movies and the last movie reminded me about some ideas I had about God and predestination.