No Place In The 21st Century

In a recent interview on CNN, Muslim apologist Reza Aslan made it clear that barbaric practices like female genital mutilation and the treatment of women in a few Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran has no place in the 21st century. However, he doesn’t think this has anything to do with Islam. The fact that so many countries ruled by Muslim theocracies also just so happen to treat women as horribly must be a coincidence.

Hey Rachel Held Evans, No Deal!

Last week, liberal Christian blogger Rachel Held Evans wrote an interesting piece for CNN’s Belief Blog titled, “Hey atheists, let’s make a deal.” So here is her deal:

One Type of Christian

There is an article on CNN’s “Belief Blog” making the rounds that talks about “the six types” of atheists. This is hilariously funny… to me any way. Interestingly enough, a few years ago, I came up with a list of six reasons why people become born again. But that is a little different from saying six types of Christians.

Why Advocating For Atheism Is Important

Earlier this month, the National Atheism Party held their annual convention and Dusty Smith of the Cult of Dusty YouTube channel gave a great speech. Today, I would like to highlight some of my favorite parts of the speech because I think they are extremely important and every atheist should think about it.

The Media Is Doing It Wrong: Rise of the ‘Nones’

On Thursday, I wrote an Examiner article about the rise of the “nones.” Apparently the media loves the fact that according to the new Gallup tracking poll, the “nones” only grew .3% from the previous year. The religious are thrilled that our rise is “slowing down.” But they really shouldn’t be.